“The Zoo Trip”

This is a very short story that I wrote as an ESL book, that never materialized (yet). It gives reference to many different themes of vocabulary, so I'm proud of it! Enjoy your quick trip to the zoo... The Zoo Trip Written By R.B.Bailey Jr ©2016 R.B.Bailey Jr All Rights Reserved This story teaches about …


How To Start Your Own 1-Acre, Self-Sustaining Homestead

Farming is hard work, but rewarding if you know exactly what goes into the produce you're eating and sharing. While something like this is only a fantasy for many in Japan, maybe it is plausible for many others, in other countries. This covers livestock care, as well...so I think I'll pass. http://www.realfarmacy.com/how-to-start-a-1-acre-self-sustaining-homestead/

“A Tainted Well”

A TAINTED WELL Written by Jerry C Smith Copyright 2016 Jerry C Smith All Rights Reserved FINDING AN OLD FARMSTEAD What could be better than walking down a winding dirt road on a warm Saturday morning in June? Anyone who's into forgotten Alabama history knows some of our finest treasures are found beyond the next …

Exclusive: “The Outing” by R.B. Bailey Jr on Coconuts Manila

This is my first story to be published in mainstream media, and I'm pretty proud. I had contacted Coconuts Media about publishing an interview, and ended up writing a story for them, instead. One condition...it had to have a Philippine angle to it. I only had a week, so I wrote what I write best, …

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