The Outing by R.B.Bailey Jr

Set in Metro Manila, this is a very short story that I wrote for Coconuts Manila. A Google-translated version in Filipino, follows. Please keep in mind that this copyrighted material. Enjoy.

Mike was an American boy, visiting the Philippines with his family, while his dad lead an important construction project in downtown Manila. While his mom and dad worked, he stayed at a nursery school, not too far from where they worked.

On his second day at the nursery, he made a new Filipino friend, Marlon. Marlon could speak some english, as well as Filipino. He was very clever, and kind. He lost his mom almost a year ago, and thought about her often. Mike was his first foreign friend, and Marlon was Mikes first foreign friend, as well. Marlon’s dad was a police officer with the Manila Police District. During lunch that second day, Mike wasn’t feeling very hungry, and wanted to go home. He wanted to run away. He liked Marlon and his teacher, but he didn’t want to stay in a nursery school, at all. Mike wanted to go to work with his dad everyday, and see Manila with him!

A week later, Mike fought hard with his dad…he didn’t want to go to the nursery that day. Mike kicked, cried and screamed as hard as he could, but he still had to stay.

Marlon comforted him the best he could, and Mike felt a little better. Mike liked Marlon very much, and wanted his new best friend by his side…always.

Later in the morning Mike and Marlon’s class were going to go out for a short outing around the block, before lunch. A few minutes after they were outside, there was already a lot of rush hour traffic. The roar of jitneys amused Mike. Walking hand in hand, Mike and Marlon’s class weaved its way against the steady stream of pedestrians, going to work.

“Mike, hold my hand as tight as you can!” Marlon laughed, as he pushed his way forward through the crowd. A few moments later, he felt Mikes hand slip out of his.

Mike and Marlon’s teacher, Ms. Reyes, never noticed what happened. She kept pushing forward, with Mike and Marlon’s other classmates in tow. Marlon yelled at her to stop.

Ms. Reyes gathered her class to the side of the sidewalk…but Mike was missing.

“We have to find him!” Marlon cried, then went back to find his best friend.

Ms. Reyes wanted to go after him, but she couldn’t neglect the other kids.

A few moments later, Marlon saw Mike running down an alley, so Marlon chased after him. After two blocks, Mike was exhausted, and had to stop. Marlon caught up with him, and was very angry. “Ano sa tingin mo ang ginagawa mo?” Marlon asked him in Filipino, “Now we’re lost!” Marlon looked at all the traffic and buildings around him…he didn’t recognize anything. The two boys held hands once more, and started walking…but further and further away from the nursery. Adults can usually think of something in a situation like this, but these are kids who only knew their names. No addresses. No phone numbers. Not even the name of their nursery school. Plus, there are possibly thousands of Reyes in Manila…so knowing their teachers name was useless.

Ms. Reyes was in a panic, and her students were becoming upset as well. She took out her cell phone to call the Police, when she happened to notice Marlon’s dad, on foot patrol. He noticed Ms. Reyes and her class immediately, and went over to say hi to his son. When he didn’t see Marlon, he asked where he was. Ms. Reyes told him what had happened, and Marlon’s dad was upset, but kept calm. He radioed his precinct, and told her he would go look for the boys. She should take her class back to the nursery.

The weather was overcast, but still very humid. The boys were getting thirsty and tired. They walked up a labyrinth of alleyways and streets…in hopes of finding their nursery. Mike knew this was his fault, because he purposely let go of Marlon’s hand in that crowd. Showing his friendship, Marlon went back for his friend. Now, they are both lost together. Marlon and Mike saw a small park, with a water fountain. Racing towards it, Marlon let Mike have the first drink, then he took his. After they finished, they saw a clean spot under some trees, and sat down for a few minutes, to rest. Before they knew it, they both fell asleep.

Ms. Reyes arrived back at the nursery with her class, then called Mike’s dad, to let him know what happened. He wasn’t as calm as Marlon’s dad, and warned them to find his son. He would leave work, and help with the search.

Marlon heard older boys voices, and awoke to see a group of boys playing Patintero. It looked like fun, but he didn’t want to play today. He wanted to get him and his best friend Mike, back to the nursery. Mike woke up a few moments later, almost panicked, until he realized where they were.

Mike rubbed his stomach, “Im getting hungry…”

“Me, too…” Marlon said, then stood up and dusted himself off, “Lets keep going.” He said.

The two friends walked down an alleyway…in a direction even further from their nursery.

A few moments later, Marlon’s dad walked by that very same park. But, his son and Mike were long gone. The boys playing Patintero were gone, too. If they had played their game just ten or fifteen minutes longer, they may have helped an officer of the law, find his son.

Mike’s dad told his co-workers that he had to go out for a few minutes, but didn’t say why. Especially to Mike’s mom…who would be very upset. He walked out onto the busy Manila street, and started walking towards his sons nursery. He was searching blind, just like Marlon’s dad.

More time passed…Marlon and Mike were still navigating their way around their small section of Manila, the best they knew how. They kept hoping to see something they would recognize…but nothing yet. Mike wanted to discover his dad’s construction site. Marlon wanted to see his dad, on patrol. He started thinking about his mom, who died about a year ago. He couldn’t remember too much about her, but did remember her taking him for walks around their neighborhood. Marlon doesn’t remember too well, but his mom would hum a tune sometimes, when they walked together.

A few moments later, the boys saw a small sandwich shop. All of the other buildings looked older and in disrepair, but the small shop looked new and modern. As soon as the boys stepped inside, a pretty young lady appeared from the kitchen. The shop had a few tables, and no customers.

“May I help you?” The lady asked.

“We are hungry and lost…” Marlon explained.

The lady pulled out two chairs for Mike and Marlon to sit in, then she went to get them some water.

Looking at the menu on the table made them even more hungry.

Just then, the lady returned with two glasses of water…and two sandwiches.

“Let’s eat!” Mike said, and took the first bite.

Marlon shook his head in amusement, then started eating his sandwich.

While they were eating, they told the lady all about how they got lost, what their dads jobs were, and how Mike is from America.

She smiled, as the boys talked.

For some reason, she seemed familiar to Marlon. Anyway, he felt comfortable with her.

After they had finished eating, the boys took a toilet break and returned to their table. The whole time they were there, noone visited the shop.

“I think we need to be going. ” Marlon said to the lady, “But thank you for the sandwiches!”

Mike got up first, “Yeah, they were delicious!” He said.

“I have an idea…” The lady said, then rushed to the kitchen.

About twenty minutes later, Mike’s dad was walking all of the alleyways and streets between his construction site and his son’s nursery, but still didn’t see his son. He even walked by the same park that Mike was at earlier. Like Marlon’s dad, he was too late. A few minutes later, Mikes dad saw a nice sandwich shop, and decided to ask if they had seen his son. When he got there, the shop was closed. He then looked both ways, and started walking back in the direction he came. He decided to find a police officer, for some help. A few minutes later, he saw a patrolman, and told him what had happened.

“Is your son named Mike?” The patrolman asked.

Mike’s dad was surprised, “Yes, how did you know that?” He asked.

“I think we better search together.” The officer said, and introduced himself as Marlon’s dad.

Marlon, Mike and the young lady were using a map to find their nursery. The lady had circled all the local schools, and would take the boys to each one, until they recognized theirs. It was a great plan, but many would have called first, instead of making two exhausted boys walk the hot streets of Manila.

Marlon’s dad, being a trained police officer, had figured out that Mike wanted to run away. When he shared this with Mikes dad, he agreed. He knew that Mike didn’t like to stay at the nursery, and he couldn’t make Mike understand why he had to stay at the nursery.

“You have a great son, that Marlon…” Mikes dad complimented, “I’m just glad that he chose to stick with Mike…even if Mike was doing wrong.”

Marlon’s dad smiled and patted Mikes dads shoulder, “Marlon is a true Filipino…and Filipinos stick by their friends and family, no matter what.” He said.

After seeing three schools, Mike and Marlon were too exhausted to walk any further. The lady started weeping, but the boys didn’t hear or see that.

“Im very sorry boys…especially to you Marlon..” She said, then rubbed his hair.

Just the way his mom did, when he was younger.

In the distance, two men came walking up the street, towards the boys.

“Mike?” One called out.

“Marlon?” The other said.

“DAD!!” Mike and Marlon exclaimed at the same time, then got up and ran to their dads. The boys jumped into their father’s arms, almost knocking them down.

Marlon’s dad radioed his precinct with the great news. Mike was still hugging his dad.

Marlon took his dad’s hand, “Dad, I want you to meet the lady…”

The boy wanted to introduce her, but she was gone.

“Let’s get you boys back to the school!” Mike’s dad spoke up,

“She was right here!” Mike exclaimed.

Marlon’s dad said, “If we see her again, we can thank her..”

The four of them hailed a Jitney, and went back to the nursery.

Ms. Reyes and the school principal were very relieved and happy that Marlon and Mike were found safely. From that day, all of the children had to carry a piece of paper with the nursery name and phone number, whenever they went out as a class.

“I’m sorry for all of this..” Mike would start to say later, but Marlon quietened him. He knew the real reason Mike got separated from him..but it was ok. It was his first adventure with his new best friend, even if it was just walking around hungry, lost and scared. If it weren’t for Mike, he wouldn’t have gotten to take that final stroll with someone he loved.

Mike ay isang Amerikanong boy, ng pagbisita sa Pilipinas kasama ang kanyang pamilya, habang ang kanyang ama humantong isang mahalagang proyekto ng konstruksiyon sa downtown Manila. Habang ang kanyang ina at ama nagtrabaho, siya nagtutulog sa isang nursery school, hindi masyadong malayo mula sa kung saan sila nagtrabaho.

Sa kanyang ikalawang araw sa nursery, siya ginawa ng isang bagong Pilipinong kaibigan, Marlon. Marlon makapagsalita ilang ingles, pati na rin ang Filipino. Siya ay napaka-matalino, at mabait. Nawala niya ang kanyang ina halos isang taon na ang nakalipas, at naisip tungkol sa kanyang madalas. Mike ay ang kanyang unang banyagang kaibigan, at Marlon ay Mikes unang banyagang kaibigan, pati na rin. ni Marlon ama ay isang opisyal ng pulis sa Manila Police District. Sa panahon ng tanghalian na ikalawang araw, Mike ay hindi pakiramdam napaka-gutom, at nais na pumunta sa bahay. Nais niyang tumakas. Siya nagustuhan Marlon at ang kanyang guro, ngunit hindi siya ay nais na manatili sa isang nursery school, sa lahat. Mike nais na pumunta upang gumana sa kanyang ama sa araw-araw, at makita Manila sa kanya!

Isang linggo mamaya, Mike fought hard sa kanyang ama … Hindi siya ay nais na pumunta sa nursery araw na iyon. Mike kicked, sumigaw at screamed bilang matitigas na bilang ay maaaring siya, ngunit siya pa rin ay nagkaroon upang manatili.
Marlon inaliw siya ang pinakamahusay na maaaring siya, at Mike nadama ng isang maliit na mas mahusay. Mike nagustuhan Marlon very much, at nais ang kanyang bagong pinakamatalik na kaibigan sa pamamagitan ng kanyang side … lagi.

Mamaya sa umaga Mike at Marlon klase ay pagpunta sa pumunta sa labas para sa isang maikling pagliliwaliw sa buong block, bago tanghalian. Ilang minuto pagkatapos sila ay sa labas, nagkaroon na ng isang pulutong ng mga oras ng dami ng trapiko. Ang dagundong ng jitneys nilibang Mike. Naglalakad magkahawak-kamay, Mike at Marlon klase weaved ng paraan laban sa mga hindi gumagalaw na stream ng mga pedestrian, pagpunta sa trabaho.
“Mike, hawakan ang aking kamay bilang masikip hangga’t maaari mong!” Marlon laughed, bilang siya hunhon kanyang paraan forward sa pamamagitan ng karamihan ng tao. Ang ilang sandali mamaya, siya nadama Mikes kamay slip sa labas ng kanyang.
Mike at guro Marlon, Ms. Reyes, hindi napansin kung ano ang nangyari. Siya iningatan patulak pasulong, na may Mike at Marlon ng ibang mga kaklase sa paghatak. Marlon yelled sa kanya na huminto.
Ms. Reyes natipon kanyang klase sa gilid ng bangketa … ngunit Mike ay nawawala.
“Mayroon kaming upang mahanap sa kanya!” Marlon cried, at pagkatapos ay nagpunta bumalik sa makita ang kanyang matalik na kaibigan.
Ms. Reyes nais na pumunta sa hulihan niya, ngunit hindi siya maaaring kapabayaan ng iba pang mga bata.
Ang ilang sandali mamaya, Marlon nakita Mike tumatakbo down isang eskina, kaya Marlon hinabol siya. Pagkatapos ng dalawang bloke, Mike ay naubos, at nagkaroon upang ihinto. Marlon nahuli up sa kanya, at nagalit. “Ano ay isang tingin Mo ang ginagawa mo?” Marlon nagtanong sa kanya sa Filipino, “Ngayon kami ay nawala!” Marlon ay tumingin sa lahat ng trapiko at mga gusali sa paligid sa kanya … hindi niya nakilala kahit ano. Ang dalawang lalaki ay gaganapin mga kamay nang isa pang beses, at nagsimula paglalakad … pero karagdagang at karagdagang ang layo mula sa nursery. Matanda ay maaaring karaniwan isip ng isang bagay sa isang sitwasyon tulad nito, ngunit ang mga ito ay mga bata na lamang alam ang kanilang mga pangalan. Walang address. Walang mga numero ng telepono. Hindi kahit na ang pangalan ng kanilang mga nursery school. Plus, may mga marahil libu-libong mga Reyes sa Manila … kaya pag-alam sa kanilang mga guro ang pangalan ay walang kasaysayan.

Ms. Reyes ay nagkakagulo, at ang kanyang mga mag-aaral ay nagiging mapataob pati na rin. Siya kinuha ang kanyang cell phone upang tawagan ang Police, kapag siya ang nangyari sa paunawa ni Marlon ama, sa pamamagitan ng paglalakad patrol. Napansin niya Ms. Reyes at ang kanyang klase kaagad, at dumaan sa sabihin hi sa kaniyang anak. Kapag hindi niya nakita Marlon, ay itinanong niya kung saan siya ay. Ms. Reyes sinabi sa kanya kung ano ang nangyari, at ni Marlon dad ay mapataob, kundi iningatan ang kalmado. Siya radioed kanyang presinto, at sinabi sa kanya siya ay pumunta hitsura para sa mga boys. Siya ay dapat kumuha ng kanyang klase pabalik sa nursery.

Ang panahon ay maulap, ngunit pa rin masyadong mahalumigmig. Ang mga lalaki ay nakakakuha ng uhaw at pagod. Sila walked up ng isang labirint ng alleyways at kalye … sa pag-asa ng paghahanap ng kanilang mga nursery. Mike alam na ito ay ang kanyang mga kasalanan, dahil siya kusa bitawan ni Marlon kamay sa na karamihan ng tao. Ipinapakita ang kanyang pagkakaibigan, Marlon nagpunta bumalik para sa kanyang kaibigan. Ngayon, ang mga ito ay parehong nawala magkasama. Marlon at Mike nakita ang isang maliit na park, may water fountain. Karera patungo sa ito, Marlon ipaalam Mike magkaroon ng unang inumin, at pagkatapos siya kinuha ang kanyang. Pagkatapos sila tapos, nakita nila ang isang malinis na lugar sa ilalim ng ilang mga puno, at naupo para sa isang ilang minuto, sa pamamahinga. Bago sila alam ito, sila ay parehong nahulog tulog.

Ms. Reyes dating na bumalik sa nursery sa kanyang klase, pagkatapos ay tinatawag na ni Mike ama, upang ipaalam sa kanya kung ano ang nangyari. Siya ay hindi bilang kalmado bilang ni Marlon ama, at binigyan ng babala ang mga ito upang mahanap ang kanyang anak na lalaki. Gusto niya umalis sa trabaho, at makatulong sa paghahanap.

Marlon narinig mas lumang mga lalaki mga tinig, at awoke upang makita ang isang grupo ng mga lalaki sa paglalaro ng patintero. Ito mukhang masaya, ngunit hindi siya ay nais upang i-play ngayon. Siya nais na kumuha sa kanya at ang kanyang matalik na kaibigan Mike, bumalik sa nursery. Mike woke up ng ilang sandali mamaya, halos panicked, hanggang sa siya natanto kung saan sila ay.
Mike hadhad kanyang tiyan, “Im pagkuha ng gutom …”
“Me, too …” Marlon sinabi, pagkatapos ay tumayo at dusted off ang kanyang sarili, “Hinahayaan panatilihin ang pagpunta.” Sinabi niya.
Ang dalawang mga kaibigan ay lumakad down na isang alleyway … sa isang direksyon kahit pa mula sa kanilang mga nursery.

Ang ilang sandali mamaya, ni Marlon dad walked sa pamamagitan ng na napaka-parehong park. Ngunit, ang kanyang anak na lalaki at Mike ay matagal na nawala. Ang mga lalaki sa paglalaro ng patintero ay wala na, masyadong. Kung sila ay nag-play ang kanilang mga laro lamang ng sampung o labinlimang minuto na, maaaring sila ay nakatulong sa isang opisyal ng batas, makita ang kanyang anak na lalaki.

ni Mike dad sinabi sa kanyang mga co-manggagawa na siya ay upang pumunta out para sa isang ilang minuto, ngunit hindi sinasabi kung bakit. Lalo na sa Mike mom … kung sino ang magiging napaka nakabaligtag. Siya walked out papunta sa busy Manila kalye, at nagsimula paglalakad patungo sa kanyang anak nursery. Siya ay naghahanap bulag, tulad ni Marlon ama.

Higit pang mga oras lumipas … Marlon at Mike ay pag-navigate pa rin ang kanilang mga paraan sa paligid ng kanilang maliit na seksyon ng Manila, ang pinakamahusay na alam nila kung paano. Iningatan nila umaasa upang makita ang isang bagay ang mga ito ay kinikilala … pero wala pa. Mike nais upang matuklasan construction site ang kanyang ama. Marlon nais na makita ang kanyang ama, sa patrol. Sinimulan niya ang pag-iisip tungkol sa kanyang ina, na namatay ang tungkol sa isang taon ang nakalipas. Hindi siya maaaring tandaan masyadong maraming tungkol sa kanya, kundi ginawa nila matandaan ang kanyang pagkuha sa kanya para sa paglalakad sa paligid ng kanilang mga kapitbahayan. Marlon ay hindi matandaan ng maayos, ngunit ang kanyang ina ay ugong ng isang tune kung minsan, kapag sila ay lumakad magkasama.

Ang ilang sandali mamaya, ang mga lalaki ay nakakita ng isang maliit na sanwits shop. Ang lahat ng mga iba pang mga gusali ay tumingin mas matanda pa at sa pagkasira, ngunit ang maliit na tindahan ay tumingin bago at modernong. Sa sandali na ang mga lalaki stepped sa loob, isang magandang binibini lumitaw mula sa kusina. shop ay nagkaroon ng ilang mga talahanayan, at walang customer.
“Pwede ba kitang tulungan?” Ginang ng bansa ang tinanong.
“Kami ay gutom at nawala …” Marlon ipinaliwanag.
Ginang ng bansa ang hugot dalawang upuan para sa Mike at Marlon upang umupo sa, at pagkatapos ay siya nagpunta sa makakuha ng mga ito ang ilang mga tubig.
Sa pagtingin sa mga menu sa mesa na ginawa ito kahit na mas gutom.
Basta pagkatapos, ang babae ay bumalik na may dalawang baso ng tubig … at dalawang sandwich.
“Kain tayo!” Mike sinabi, at kinuha ang unang kagat.
Marlon shook kanyang ulo sa amusement, pagkatapos ay nagsimula sa pagkain ng kanyang sandwich.
At samantalang sila’y nagsisikain, ay sinabi nila sa babae ang lahat ng tungkol sa kung paano sila got nawala, ano ang kanilang mga dads trabaho ay, at kung paano Mike ay mula sa Amerika.
She smiled, pati na ang mga lalaki talked.
Para sa ilang kadahilanan, siya ay tila pamilyar sa Marlon. Anyway, siya nadama komportable sa kanya.

Pagkatapos ng kanilang natapos na pagkain, ang mga lalaki ay kinuha ng isang toilet pahinga at bumalik sa kanilang table. Ang buong oras na sila ay doon, noone bumisita sa shop.
“Sa tingin ko kailangan namin upang maging pagpunta.” Sinabi Marlon sa babae, “Ngunit salamat sa iyo para sa sandwiches!”
Mike got up muna, “Yeah, sila ay masarap!” Sinabi niya.
“Mayroon akong isang ideya …” Ang babae sinabi, pagkatapos ay rushed sa kusina.

Tungkol sa dalawampung minuto mamaya, ni Mike ama ay naglalakad ang lahat ng mga alleyways at kalye sa pagitan ng kanyang construction site at nursery ng kaniyang anak, ngunit pa rin ay hindi makita ang kanyang mga anak na lalaki. Siya kahit na lumakad sa pamamagitan ng parehong park na Mike ay sa mas maaga. Like ni Marlon ama, siya ay masyadong late. Ang ilang mga minuto mamaya, nakita Mikes dad a nice bilihan ng sanwits, at nagpasya upang magtanong kung sila ay nakita ang kanyang anak na lalaki. Kapag nakuha niya doon, ang shop ay sarado. Siya at pagkatapos ay tumingin sa parehong paraan, at nagsimula naglalakad pabalik sa direksyon siya ay dumating. Siya ay nagpasya upang mahanap ang isang opisyal ng pulis, para sa ilang mga tulong. Ang ilang mga minuto mamaya, nakita niya ang isang patrolman, at sinabi sa kanya kung ano ang nangyari.
“Ay ang iyong anak na nagngangalang Mike?” patrolman Ang nagtanong.
ni Mike dad ay nagulat, “Oo, paano mo nalaman iyon?” Tinanong niya.
“Sa tingin ko kami ay mas mahusay na paghahanap sama-sama.” Ang opisyal ay sinabi, at nagpakilalang ni Marlon ama.

Marlon, Mike at ang mga batang babae ay gumagamit ng isang mapa upang mahanap ang kanilang mga nursery. Ginang ng bansa ay circled ang lahat ng mga lokal na paaralan, at nais gawin ang lalake sa bawat isa, hanggang sa sila ay kinikilala kanila. Iyon ay isang mahusay na plano, ngunit maraming mga sana ay tinatawag na unang, sa halip ng paggawa ng dalawang naubos lalaki lakarin ang mainit na kalye ng Maynila.

ni Marlon ama, pagiging isang sinanay na opisyal ng pulis, ay may korte out na Mike nais na patakbuhin ang layo. Kapag ibinahagi niya sa Mikes dad, siya sumang-ayon. Alam niya na Mike ay hindi gusto upang manatili sa nursery, at hindi siya maaaring gumawa ng Mike maunawaan kung bakit siya ay upang manatili sa nursery.
“Mayroon kang isang mahusay anak, upang Marlon …” Mikes dad complimented, “Ako lang natutuwa na siya pinili upang ilagay sa Mike … kahit Mike ay gumagawa ng mali.”
ngumiti ni Marlon dad at patted Mikes dads balikat, “Marlon ay isang tunay na Pilipino … at Pilipino stick sa pamamagitan ng kanilang mga kaibigan at pamilya, kahit na ano.” Sinabi niya.

Pagkatapos nakikita tatlong mga paaralan, Mike at Marlon ay masyadong naubos para lakarin ng anumang karagdagang. Ginang ng bansa na nagsimula umiiyak, ngunit ang mga lalaki ay hindi marinig o makita na.
“Im very sorry sa mga lalaki … lalo na sa iyo Marlon ..” Sabi niya, pagkatapos ay hadhad kanyang buhok.
Lamang ang paraan ang kanyang ina ginawa, kapag siya ay mas bata.
Sa malayo may dalawang lalaking dumating naglalakad up ang kalye, patungo sa mga lalaki.
“Mike?” Isa na tinatawag na out.
“Marlon?” Ang iba pang sinabi.
“DAD !!” Mike at Marlon exclaimed nang sabay-sabay, pagkatapos ay nakuha up at tumakbo sa kanilang mga dads. Ang mga lalaki jumped sa arm ng kanilang ama, halos katok mga ito down.
ni Marlon dad radioed kanyang presinto sa magandang balita. Mike ay hugging pa rin ang kanyang ama.
Marlon kinuha ang kamay ng kanyang ama, “Itay, gusto ko sa iyo upang matugunan ang mga lady …”
Ang batang lalaki ay nais upang ipakilala ang kanyang, ngunit siya ay wala na.
“Hayaan ang makakuha ng sa iyo sa mga lalaki pabalik sa paaralan!” ni Mike dad nagsalita up,
“Tama siya dito!” Mike exclaimed.
Sinabi ni Marlon ama, “Kapag nakita namin ang kanyang muli, maaari naming pasalamatan ang kanyang ..”
Silang apat hailed isang diyitni, at siya’y bumalik sa nursery.

Ms. Reyes at ang punong-guro ay napaka-hinalinhan at masaya na Marlon at Mike ay ligtas natagpuan. Mula sa araw na iyon, ang lahat ng mga anak ay upang magdala ng isang piraso ng papel na may mga nursery pangalan at numero ng telepono, kung kailan nila lumabas bilang isang klase.

“Sorry para sa lahat ng ito ..” Mike magsimula sabihin sa ibang pagkakataon, ngunit Marlon quietened kanya. Alam niya ang tunay na dahilan Mike got separated mula him..but ito ay ok. Ito ay kanyang unang pakikipagsapalaran sa kanyang bagong pinakamatalik na kaibigan, kahit na ito ay lamang paglalakad sa paligid gutom, nawala at natakot. Kung ito ay hindi para sa Mike, hindi siya ay may gotten na kumuha na final mamasyal sa isang tao kaniyang inibig.


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