How To Format Your eBook For ePUB Conversion

Ebooks are the future for both authors and readers. The reading part is easy...but for the author to get the Ebook into the reader's hand, is another story (pardon the pun). I'm new to publishing, and certainly new to Ebooks. If you have the software and familiar with HTML, formatting, can turn any of …


Survival Japanese: Expressing Your Feeling or Opinion

Japanese is a challenging language to learn, but that shouldn’t stop you from expressing yourself! Here we’ll introduce some words and phrases you can use when you want to express your feeling (physical or otherwise), or opinion in Japanese, as well as how to ask others.

Its an egg…It’s lazy…It’s Gudetama!!

If you like eggs or animation about eggs...this is for you! Gudetama has been around for several months now, but my son just got into watching it. Gudetama essentially means "lazy egg".  Brings back memories of the Kogi-pan and Rela-Kuma animation of a few years ago. Another member of the large Sanrio character family! Related articles Gudetama the lazy egg …

5 Ways to Breathe Life into Characters with Characterization

No writer wants a story with flat, "cardboard" characters. Updating character profiles as you write is a great idea, kinda keeps your characters honest. When those character traits show up to you. Another handy reference for any writer would be the book, "On Writing" by the boogie man himself, Stephen King.

Why Buying Email Lists Is Always a Bad Idea (And How to Build Yours for Free)

Getting your "name out there" when you are just starting out, or reaching out to a bigger demographic is important. I've never bought an Email list..and honestly question just how effective they really are, because you can't be absolutely sure who you are contacting, or if the Email address is even in service anymore. This article is a must …

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