Watch “Shimanchu Nu Takara” on YouTube

If you ever get the opportunity, please visit Okinawa! I had heard this song several times during my sixteen years in Japan, and ashamed that I just now learned the title and artist. Begin has been playing music for 20+ years, with a big fan base. I love this song...and very uplifting to me.


Ozzfest 2015 in Makuhari-Messe, Chiba, Japan 11-22-15 (2nd Day)

Here are some pics that I took at Ozzfest 2015…and it was great! It was actually a two-day event, but I went on the second day. Walking towards the venue. There was a ZUMBA convention going on at the same time. The vendors were selling merchandise, before opening time, which was 10am. I tried to …

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