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Hello everyone! Im relaunching my “The New Neighbor” t-shirt campaign! If I can get at least 80 reservations, they will go into print! All of the shirts are high-quality cotton, manufactured and shipped internationally from America! All profits will go towards my “Ryo” film project, and other endeavours! Reserve yours today!

The Courageous Girl With The Special Gift 

Good morning, everyone! Pending an edit in a few weeks, “The Courageous Girl With The Special Gift” is finished. 

I had always prided myself with writing stories that are plausible…which means that under logical circumstances, the events in my stories COULD happen. I kinda stepped away from that this time…and it felt strange. But, an exploritory kind of strange.

It turned out to be MUCH longer than I intended, but that’s ok. I’ll go back through later, and pull out the turning points for the children’s book version.

This would make great animation…if anyone is interested…

For now, gotta return my attention to a lonely widower man and a punk teenager.

When I get “The Courageous Girl…” published (more than likely the original length, first), Ill post a proclomation, declaration or some witty anouncement in advance.
Thanks for reading…
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Guns N’ Roses / Man With A Mission @ Saitama Super Arena 1-28-17

This was my second Guns N’ Roses show that I have seen, since moving to Japan in 2001. My wife likes Man With A Mission, so it was a win-win for both of us! It was my first trip to Saitama Super Arena, and I have to say I was very impressed. I had no idea there were actually two inner walls, blocking the sound from the lobby (no wonder you can’t hear anything from out on the street!), much like a music studio.

The sound was great…nowhere near as garbled as it was when I seen them at Makahari-Messe, back in 2007. One thing though…whoever introduced GNR called out “TOKYO!!!”, rather than Saitama…even the concert tees had “Tokyo” printed on them. Kinda funny…

Neither of us stayed for the entire show (my wife left after MWAM finished their opening set), with me leaving about 90 mins into GNRs set.

Here Is What Happens The Moment You Stop Smoking…And The Change Will Do You Good

Being a former tobacco user back in the day, quitting was one of the best things I could have done for myself. It all started with chewing tobacco at age 11, bringing on smokeless tobacco and cigarettes later.

Even losing my mother (a two pack-a-day smoker) to lung cancer (and all associated diseases that tobacco use can cause) didn’t sway me none.

Moving to Japan when I was almost 31 was my chance to quit, and I took it.