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Where are we going?

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Lindsey Stirling – Carol of the Bells

Do you remember the first recorded Christmas music that you listened to? My first was maybe way back in 1981 or 82…and it was a cassette that we acquired somehow. I played it on my new cassette player/recorder that I had gotten for my birthday (?) a few months prior. I loved the tape.

Several years later, I discovered Mannheim Steamroller on television…and was won over on the new style of Christmas music. I never bought their music, but I enjoyed it when I could catch it on TV (later, YouTube).

Musicians are constantly trying to keep Christmas music and hymns exciting and appealing…especially to newer generations of listeners. No one will ever replace Gene Autry or Dean Martin as Christmas music staples, but you can’t exactly turn away from some of the newer artists like Lindsey Stirling, either.

I love that Celtic sound…it adds excitement and new mysticism to Christmas music again.

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High-Tailin’ It Out Of Washington Stuff…

Credit: Dazeinfo
Hello everyone,
First of all, WELCOME to all of my new site followers!! The family is growing larger and larger from several corners of the world, and I can’t thank you enough!! PLEASE SHARE MY PAGE!!!
Aside from short musings about my own life and times in Japan, I try to share stories and content that are positive, educational, family-friendly and inspiring…rather than news and time-sensitive material. I can’t make my self-imposed deadline of Sunday sometimes, and I hate that. Me try to do better…
Ok (takes deep breath) here we go…
I’m through with political stuff, because there are enough people out there to cover that. I caught too much flak for my opinions, riled some danders, and I really didn’t educate myself on the material before putting in my two cents.
If I made a career out of political commentary…I would starve to death.
All it did was open a Pandora’s Box of bickering and heated words among friends. Sometimes, it would go back and forth for a week or so….that was too much. Different scenarios would come up, people saying this caused this, etc. The s**t  got a little deep for me, and was getting deeper. When I could find a place to jump back in, the tide changed, and there I was. I really don’t see how major commentators keep up, sometimes. I’ll let politics and politicians implode on themselves. So, that’s that.
Washington, bye-bye!!
See you on a different day…thank you again…
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Outing With Alex 11-11-18

Today was our first osampo (outing), that didn’t involve tickets, platforms and trains, in a few months.

It didn’t take much coaxing either, and I was happy for that. All I had to mention was “bicycle”, and he was game! At first, I assumed that I would be peddling him around Kawagoe on my bike…but he surprised me by pulling out his bike!

As you can see, I got a good workout, trailing along behind him. He showed some mercy today, and didn’t make me RUN.

Let’s see if this happens again next Sunday.