Some Precautions To Take Against Coronavirus

It’s the main story all over the world. The media (and BS media, as well) are sensationalizing another terrible epidemic. I’m not seeing enough information, except for the CDC website or WHO, about helping to possibly prevent getting it.

I’m not a doctor by any means, but here are some things that I’ve been practicing lately:

  1. Always wear a mask (the WHO website has a procedure you should follow, when actually putting the mask on, or taking off).
  2. Don’t re-use the paper masks.
  3. If you sneeze…please sneeze into your arm, above your elbow
  4. If you sneeze into your hands, wash immediately with SOAP for at least twenty seconds.
  5. After handling currency, please wash your hands or use disifectant with at least 50% alcohol
  6. Don’t re-use tissues.
  7. Don’t shake other’s hands.
  8. Don’t touch anything on public transit…including straps, poles, buttons, etc
  9. Keep a distance from people when talking.
  10. In public toilets, avoid using the hand driers…keep a small towel in your pocket for such things.
  11. Personally, I avoid food courts, open air delis and bakeries. You still have alot of nasty people in the world, who have no qualms about sneezing or coughing over crossants or bananas.
  12. Speaking again of reasturants, I request paper cups when possible. I once saw an old man here in Japan, blow his nose on a tissue, then shove it into his ceramic coffee cup. That’s just friggin’ nasty. Animal.
  13. There will be alot of sites offering “remedies” for this virus…take anything with a grain of salt. The latest misinformation is that hot water will kill the virus…stating that the virus is not heat resistant. Considering that this is a respirtory disease, it’s proboly not a great idea to pour any kind of water down your airway…just saying. You can drown in a teaspoon of water, remember that.

If you have any tips or ideas, please comment below (keep it clean).

Stay safe, and pray for a vaccine soon.


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