Adam’s Autism Family on YouTube…

Iman and Ida are parents to Adam, a bright, energetic young man struggling with autism. They, along with their daughters and family, go to great lengths to document their story and bring awareness to autism. They have many great days, and some not-so-great days…but it’s all a loving, learning experience. And no two days are ever the same.

I discovered Iman’s Facebook page a couple of years ago, and since I can identify with some of the struggles and triumphs of having a son on the spectrum, wanted to follow. The autism spectrum is wide, and challenges depend on the child, that’s why it’s so hard for professionals to diagnose right away. Not just on YouTube, Iman has other social media pages that he uses to share, educate, inform and encourage other parents and caregivers that live the spectrum life. Links to his pages are in the “about” section of the channel. If you think this is helpful, please share. Thank you Iman for opening up your life for us…we are certainly watching.

What do you think?

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