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A few Christmas lights in Gotanda, Tokyo 11-22-18

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Lindsey Stirling – Carol of the Bells

Do you remember the first recorded Christmas music that you listened to? My first was maybe way back in 1981 or 82…and it was a cassette that we acquired somehow. I played it on my new cassette player/recorder that I had gotten for my birthday (?) a few months prior. I loved the tape.

Several years later, I discovered Mannheim Steamroller on television…and was won over on the new style of Christmas music. I never bought their music, but I enjoyed it when I could catch it on TV (later, YouTube).

Musicians are constantly trying to keep Christmas music and hymns exciting and appealing…especially to newer generations of listeners. No one will ever replace Gene Autry or Dean Martin as Christmas music staples, but you can’t exactly turn away from some of the newer artists like Lindsey Stirling, either.

I love that Celtic sound…it adds excitement and new mysticism to Christmas music again.

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“Alpine” is available on Amazon for Christmas!!

During the Christmas season, or any other time, why not enjoy “Alpine”! Written by R.B.Bailey Jr, and illustrated by Risa Nango, Its the story of two brothers who work together, to make a Christmas dream come true!! Available in paperback or KINDLE!!

The link below will take you to a preview of the book!! If you could share the link, it would be appreciated!! Thank you for your purchase!!

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