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Some Precautions To Take Against Coronavirus

It’s the main story all over the world. The media (and BS media, as well) are sensationalizing another terrible epidemic. I’m not seeing enough information, except for the CDC website or WHO, about helping to possibly prevent getting it.

I’m not a doctor by any means, but here are some things that I’ve been practicing lately:

  1. Always wear a mask (the WHO website has a procedure you should follow, when actually putting the mask on, or taking off).
  2. Don’t re-use the paper masks.
  3. If you sneeze…please sneeze into your arm, above your elbow
  4. If you sneeze into your hands, wash immediately with SOAP for at least twenty seconds.
  5. After handling currency, please wash your hands or use disifectant with at least 50% alcohol
  6. Don’t re-use tissues.
  7. Don’t shake other’s hands.
  8. Don’t touch anything on public transit…including straps, poles, buttons, etc
  9. Keep a distance from people when talking.
  10. In public toilets, avoid using the hand driers…keep a small towel in your pocket for such things.
  11. Personally, I avoid food courts, open air delis and bakeries. You still have alot of nasty people in the world, who have no qualms about sneezing or coughing over crossants or bananas.
  12. Speaking again of reasturants, I request paper cups when possible. I once saw an old man here in Japan, blow his nose on a tissue, then shove it into his ceramic coffee cup. That’s just friggin’ nasty. Animal.
  13. There will be alot of sites offering “remedies” for this virus…take anything with a grain of salt. The latest misinformation is that hot water will kill the virus…stating that the virus is not heat resistant. Considering that this is a respirtory disease, it’s proboly not a great idea to pour any kind of water down your airway…just saying. You can drown in a teaspoon of water, remember that.

If you have any tips or ideas, please comment below (keep it clean).

Stay safe, and pray for a vaccine soon.

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What is Autism?


“Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences. We now know that there is not one autism but many types, caused by different combinations of genetic and environmental influences.” – Autism

Signs of autism usually become apparent around the age of 2 or 3, with one or more of the signs mentioned above. Early intervention and diagnosis is essential, as well as early treatment. Hand in hand with treatment and education, there are many support groups out there…so that you and your family don’t have to be alone in this, and help you realize there is still a bright future ahead.

For more info, please check out the link below:

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How To Die Alone In 12 Easy Steps (As Told By Experts In Every Field)

****************************Graphic Language*******************************

You hear stories of “Kodokushi” (孤独死) here in Japan quite often, and it is really sad. There are even small businesses that help with the aftermath. For a country so compact, it shouldn’t happen, but it does. Statistics show that many are the elderly. Many of the people who die alone (illness, sudden death), didn’t intend for  it to end this way. Meaning they were in actuality,  social people, but maybe different circumstances (alienated, disabled, change of persona, etc) deemed otherwise.

On the flip side of the coin, there are people who may “think ahead” enough to plan dying alone…or damn the torpedoes and everything decent, and purposely die alone.

In that case, I ran across this tongue-in-cheek guide to dying alone…and I wonder who would be fool enough to do this. Really. I will say this article DOES NOT USE THE WORD, OR ADVOCATE SUICIDE. It simply tells you (with humor) how to put yourself in a situation (the hard and illegal way) to die alone.

Seriously, don’t try these things…enjoy life to the best of your ability!!

If you, or you know of someone who is struggling with depression, or seems suicidal…please do not hesitate to reach out. Call your local suicide hotline, law enforcement, neighbor, family, friends…and get help immediately.

Note: there is some foul language and “unsavory” content within (but not graphic images)…proceed with caution!

Source: How To Die Alone In 12 Easy Steps (As Told By Experts In Every Field)

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You don’t have to look, if you don’t want to (a pledge from Facebook)

Last week (or maybe sooner), a Facebook friend shared a video they found, of a toddler being very much abused by her mother. I’ve seen tons of videos on Facebook, and this one didn’t really stand out…but enough is enough.

Here is a link to the video:

According to U.K’s Daily Mail, the video came from Uganda, and the nanny in the video was found and arrested. She later pleads guilty.

I don’t know if Facebook had anything to do with the video going viral, and the nanny getting caught, but I was curious if Facebook found this video offensive, since I have seen FAR WORSE videos on there, before.

I reported the video and waited for a response.

This morning, I got this message from Facebook:

Are they serious?

Just how bad does it have to be, to “go against” THEIR community standards? Since it doesn’t offend them as an entity, Facebook is asking us to turn a blind eye to it, so it doesn’t ruin our “Facebook experience”. They will help us do that…pathetic.

Which one of their “standards” did it not “go against”?

How would the toddler’s (in the video) parents feel about these standards?

Facebook sounds like they have a checklist, for whether a video breaks their standards…whatever those may be.


There are always going to be trashy sites and people who post videos like this. Also, I fully understand that Facebook can’t vet every video that a user posts online,  but they should start. They certainly have the means and manpower.

Hell, get the community involved as employees…let them vet the videos.

But until then, Facebook should at least use human, moral judgment when a video like this is brought to their attention.

Thank you to whoever made this video viral, and was responsible for getting the nanny caught and arrested.

Until then, Facebook needs to be rated PG-13.



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How to wipe personal data from work laptops and phones 

Català: Antivirus avast
Català: Antivirus avast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


With the recent news of Facebook leaking personal data to Cambridge Analytics, people should become more aware of what they could unintentionally share to the world (at a nice profit to many), and take steps to protect it.

There are tons of software that can do the job of hiding, and/or wiping your data from your PC, tablet or phone, perhaps making it safe. There is free software available, such as Avast! or Clean Master, but has limited options, compared to purchased or subscribed versions. In addition to having this software, the best practice is to learn to wipe your personal data from your machine yourself as frequently as possible.

Source: How to wipe personal data from work laptops and phones – The Parallax