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Randomness 8-26-19

Good AM, everyone…just random stuff from Tokyo.
My R.B.Bailey Jr Official Page on Facebook is just TEN LIKES away from 50,000!! Can you believe it? Please keep the momentum going by sharing this page with your friends!! Let’s go for six digits!!
Summer is almost over, and my son Alex will go back to school next week. We had several adventures during his vacation…including taking our first trip to Shizuoka prefecture…directly below Kanagawa prefecture (where Yokohama is located). The over-night stay was nice, but it was a little upsetting for Alex. Maybe because it wasn’t used to hotel visits too often. Our last was two years (?) ago, for his sixth birthday at Tokyo Disney Resort.
Work is going along steady…keeping busy with dispatch work and teaching around Tokyo. The kids are great, but it so hard keeping work at work. You find it leaks into your personal life after awhile…which sucks. Unless you own the school or business you work for, there has to be a buffer zone.
I still haven’t resumed writing George…and I know I have to. I want to finish it. Should have been done well over a year ago. I have several children’s and fiction (aren’t they all fiction?) stories that I have to get published. Been busy trying to organize my pages on Google Books, Smashwords, and others…trying to sync everything. Git er done.
I read the news that guitarist Dave Mustaine of Megadeth is battling throat cancer, and he and his doctors are optimistic. I wish him the best and full recovery!!
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When Is The Right Time For Hospice Care?

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End of life is something no one likes to discuss, and don’t usually plan for until they have no alternative. It is certain, at least to me, that you can’t really plan too far ahead, because the details of the hospice care can vary with situation.

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Here Is What Happens The Moment You Stop Smoking…And The Change Will Do You Good

Being a former tobacco user back in the day, quitting was one of the best things I could have done for myself. It all started with chewing tobacco at age 11, bringing on smokeless tobacco and cigarettes later.

Even losing my mother (a two pack-a-day smoker) to lung cancer (and all associated diseases that tobacco use can cause) didn’t sway me none.

Moving to Japan when I was almost 31 was my chance to quit, and I took it.

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44 Ways to Make the Day of Someone With Cancer

Fortunately, my cancer was dealt with by surgery, pain killers and bandages. The latter was a tough one because I work with kids…and they have a million questions. Getting to the point, I was lucky enough to be able to do for myself, and continue my daily routine with no problems. Many aren’t so lucky, needing assistance and TLC sometimes. If u know anyone currently incapacitated, by any disease for any matter, this is a must-read article for everyone.